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Yucatecan #9


  • Modeled in clay with primitive burning finishes

  • Width: 5.91 in
    Height: 16.14 in
    Depth: 5.91 in
  • Year: 2018

The twisted form and squeezed volume of the figurine Yucatecan #9, part of the ceramic series Yucatecans, is “a metaphor for the entrails of living beings”, says artist Gabriel Niquete. His organic forms represent both people and nature. This sculpture manifests itself naturally and expresses movement and vitality. All his sculptures are characters that live in a fictional ecosystem, that is, in his universe of sculptures. Each series is a world, and each figure is a living being. In this current series, artist Gabriel Niquete represents the Yucatecan trees that provide shade and freshness in this southern peninsula’s suffocating heat. Mérida is full of trees. It is a city surrounded by nature, but it is also a city of interiors: balconies, patios, and hidden gardens. Merida’s rich interiors animate every corner and alleyway.

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Sold By: Gabriel Niquete

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