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Selfie, Vanity Fair


  • Tryptic oil on canvas

  • Width: 102.4 in
    Height: 63 in
  • Weight: 8.82 lbs
  • Year: 2020

Modern society is permeated by a virus of self-admiration. The apogee of this disease was expressed in our cultural selfie-addiction. What does a modern person do when he or she is in an unfamiliar or dangerous situation? They take a snapshot.
In Selfie, Vanity Fair, I display our narcissistic society. Everyone wants to be famous and beautiful, and only the flesh matters. With bizarre poses, the modern person only cares about their portrait, and the context of the photo is of minimal importance. Let’s take a selfie with a dying man! As a society, we all see these unnatural, silly poses; it is a grotesque farce. The artwork Selfie, Vanity Fair depicts the perfect image of a hero, based on the aesthetics of the Renaissance; he is a symbol of a past era and lost virtue. This painting demonstrates how our society has changed.


This tryptic consists of three panels measuring 31.5×63 in, 39.4×47.2 in, 31.5×63 in (80×160 cm, 100×120 cm, 80×160 cm)

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Sold By: Kateryna Bortsova
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