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Metaphor of a Tree I


  • Fine Art Photography printed on Velvet Fine Art Paper

  • Width: 10 in
    Height: 10 in
  • Year: 2020
  • Limited edition: 15

From the series Metaphor of a Tree (Metáfora de un Árbol).
I was walking with my daughter, and we found this spectacular old tree. We decided to shoot a new artwork here. We went home, and I started to plan what this work will be about – Metáfora de un Árbol.
I remembered what impressed me most about this tree was its trunk with its forms that stick out and how many plants are living inside it. I also thought about how big this tree is -it gives food and shelter to many birds and animals. Looking at all these unique characteristics the tree has, I started to think about God. God is like the tree for us – He appears in different shapes, He is vast, and He gives us everything we need.
In the first image, the subject stands up and starts on her way because she wants to be part of a new spiritual journey. In the second one, she sits down on her Father´s lap, and she is amazed at His greatness. In the last one, her spirit becomes wholly surrendered to God.
Finally, she feels complete and secure.
What is your favorite metaphor?


Prints are signed on the bottom right; numbered on the bottom left of the white paper border.

Also available in 20”x 20” (limited edition of 10) and 40”x 40” (limited edition of 5). If you are interested in these format sizes, please contact us (Subject: Customer Support.)

15 in stock

Sold By: Gabriela Segura

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