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A collaborative effort to showcase new art and
new ideas in today’s art world

Political Art and Agenda

Art created with a political agenda rarely succeeds. It has not resulted in any art movement throughout history. A work of art may become political art. However, art coerced by a political agenda is mainly deficient art.

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A Whimsical Painting Series ‘Introducing Fly’ by Yuri Garnetti

Discover “Fly”, a gawky, friendly boy exploring personal growth and self-discovery in a series of paintings “Introducing Fly”.

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Fine Art Landscape Photography by J.A.M Montoya

Discover the solitary landscape photography by J.A.M Montoya. Take an emotional journey through the ancient ruins of western Spain.

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Landscape Photography by J.A.M Montoya Inspires Self-Discovery

J.A.M Montoya’s desolate landscape photography grants us a moment of leisure, silence, and self-discovery. Discover his romantic imagery.

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Ukrainian Artist Kateryna Bortsova’s Robust Portraits and Nudes

Discover Kateryna Bortsova’s penetrating figuratism. Her portraits and large-scale nudes debunk the cultural myths of consumer culture.

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Cultural Myths And Consumerism Are Exposed In Kateryna Bortsova’s Art

Kateryna Bortsova’s robust portraits and large-scale nudes demystify our hyper-consumerist society and depict the global instability of contemporary life.

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Tribal Paintings of India Celebrate Life, Happiness, and Rituals

Umesh Bhoi’s delightful paintings of India’s tribal life shine light on the hidden power and beauty of the Bhil people. 

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Love and Friendship in the History of Art

This February, we have selected 3 paintings that depict the joy, passion, and controversy of love in the history of art.

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Contemporary Sculpture: An Interview with Gabriel Niquete

Each series of Niquete’s sculptures is a fictional ecosystem, and each figure is a living being with limbs and movement that lives there.

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Popular Culture and Traditions in Yamil Guzman’s Paintings

The Perdomo Gallery team showcases Yamil Guzman’s entrancing paintings of festivals and celebrations in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Contemporary Art: An Interview with Alejandro Meza

Meza’s paintings use the abstract nostalgic power of the image to show the powerful relationship between memory and identity.

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Alejandro Meza’s Gestural Monotype Paintings

This December, Perdomo Gallery showcases the mysterious monotype paintings by Mexico City-based artist Alejandro Meza

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Contemporary Painting: P. Mudafort’s Silicon Valley Series

In her Silicon Valley painting series, P. Mudafort invokes and plays with cultural symbols and trends.

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Rural Landscape Photography by Prithi Brinkley

This November, Perdomo Gallery showcases Prithi Brinkley’s majestic landscape photography celebrating bucolic life.

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Collage Paintings by Cynthia Pareja Dubin.

This October, Perdomo Gallery showcases the bold geometric abstraction by the New Jersey based artist.

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What Is So Appealing About Contemporary Minimalist Painting?

Contemporary Minimalist painting is a global movement ubiquitous in all genres of art.

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5 Emerging Artists Redefining American Art

A new generation of artists is rethinking what we might call American contemporary art.

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A Global Stage for Latin American Contemporary Art

The influence of Latin America’s contemporary art becomes a dominant force in the global art market.

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