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Yuri Garnetti

Introducing Fly


By: Yuri Garnetti



By: Yuri Garnetti


Yuri Garnetti

“We are already here as humans on earth, so the least I can do for my soul is let it speak through my art.”
- Yuri Garnetti

Creative PROCESS

I mostly paint Acrylics on canvas, but I also experiment with other mediums. Each medium has its own pros and cons, but I believe that acrylic may be the overall best medium.

When working, my main objective is to have my idea realized. Pure ideas are useless when they remain only ideas. So, when I have an idea, I take about 5 mins to do a quick drawing in order to get the idea down on paper.
The way I work depends on the subject and task at hand. Depending on what I'm trying to achieve, I work accordingly. This is a view of my studio while working on my most recent painting series, INTRODUCING FLY. My objective was to have this series unified, so I felt the best way to go about it was to work on each piece at the same time.
I don’t have specific things that inspire me. I usually just put the pencil or brush down and see where it takes me. But, every so often, I like to paint things that I admire or like; I guess you can call that inspiration.

Yuri Garnetti

Yuri Garnetti was born in Houston, Texas on October, 11 2000. Art has been part of Yuri’s life since he can remember. His love for art was passed down from his father Guido who was also an artist. Yuri’s father raised him around airplanes, and to this day they are the main subject in his art.

About my artwork

My art frees my mind and soul. My mind is in a constant mania. My art is my outlet and true expression. Through my art, I'm able to speak fluently and release all that is stored inside my mind.


I try to stay in tune with the child in me. When we are children, we act in unison with our heart: outlandish, crazy, and maybe a little annoying at times. We didn’t care what anyone said. When I paint, I just do, thinking can come later.

Artistic trajectory

Art is a way of speech and expression. Through art, I express my mind. I have learned to let go of the idea of “perfection”. I used to compare myself to other artists, and I would struggle with self-doubt. As I matured, I began to understand that art isn’t about being perfect but about being different. Be yourself! I create art from my own worldview.

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