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Wilber Ortega Photography

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By:Wilber Ortega Photography


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By:Wilber Ortega Photography


Wilber Ortega Photography

"Any form of art is a form of power; it has an impact; it can affect change - it can not only move us; it makes us move."
Ossie Davis

Creative PROCESS

At first, I used photography as a complement to painting, an accomplice tool to get into the spectacle of nature, and I always found snapshots that were valid as photographs only. Thus, for many years I have treasured in my photographic archive a selection of photos that, in some cases, respond to a hedonistic or landscape interest and in others to a more conceptual and reflective theme.
The photographs are sent mounted on a frame and are printed with the giclée canvas technique.

The marine show is one of my passions, especially when a storm shakes it.
One of the artist's wishes is to transmit, share the emotions that are part of the creative process, of the searches and discoveries that we experience.
One of my great delights is exploring the most varied places where I can find revealing scenes of unknown beauties and messages that suggest reflective exercise.

Wilber Ortega Photography

Wilber Ortega was born in Las Tunas, Cuba, 1970.
As a child, he began drawing the giant machines that turned his family's farm into a desert after his father was convinced to hand over his lands to the cooperative movement. He began his formal studies in painting in 1989, and in 1993 he graduated from the Las Tunas Academy of Plastic Arts, specializing in drawing and painting.
In 1995 he founded the Confluencia Landscape project, which proposes to renew an aesthetic within the theme of nature, giving rise to national events. In the following years, he participated in countless collective and individual projects, events inside and outside Cuba. He currently lives in Colombia, seduced by the great diversity of the Andean landscape. He has received recognition and multiple awards for his creative work. His artworks are in important art museums and private collections in Cuba, France, Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Norway, Canada, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

About my artwork

Several factors allow a photograph to acquire its merits in itself. Some moments would not be possible to register with other representation techniques. Only a sensitivity and a spirit in action can capture an essence, something that goes beyond the set of forms; an unreality that suggests a different reading of what the picture captures.
Today we have a wide range of supports for printing photos, from rigid supports, flexible ones such as canvas, paper, and pigmented inks that guarantee excellent durability. The prints are protected with a UV varnish that protects the Giclée from water, scratches, dirt, and, most importantly, protects them from ultraviolet rays adding even more years of color permanence. Manufacturers stipulate that a Giclée will last between 100 and 200 years under normal conditions.
What is Giclée? Giclée is a term for digital fine art prints made on inkjet printers, usually referenced to high-quality prints. American printer manufacturer Jack Duganne coined the term in 1991.


The night theme and the possibilities of catching some effect, like lightning within a long exposure, are beautiful and exciting resources to explore.
Large areas of color and small dots allow for a minimalist synthesis that adds some emotional charge to the scene.
It is always captivating to give the beholder eye surprises, in addition to the load of abstraction that a particular composition imposes.

Artistic trajectory

"Since my childhood, I had a special attraction to nature and enjoyed all contemplative experiences, the atmospheres, the views in the distance, both on road trips and places I visited. When I started at the Plastic Arts Academy, I attended photography workshops, which interested me greatly. I got to know its history, laboratory development techniques, and the whole process of analog photography."

Although the camera has been his most reliable company on each trip, it is in recent years that his interest in current contemporary trends in art has given photography a vindication with new technologies. New media for printing and the presence in everyday life of the image's language lead him to assume another attitude towards the photographic fact, prompting him to participate in calls and contests where people welcomed his photographic proposal with great interest.

Exhibitions & awards


2020 - World Contest for Covid-19 at the Montjuic Cultural Center. Barcelona, ​​Spain.
2020 - Plastic Arts Fairs, organized by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce within the framework of the ARTBO International Fair.
2019 - XI International Biennial of Art of Suba. Bogotá, Colombia.
2016 - V International Meeting of Plastic Artists. Cota, Cundinamarca, Colombia.
2015 - Tribute to Grau, El Solar Cultural House. Bucaramanga, Colombia.
2015 - Art and soccer. Geba Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia
2014 - Nariño Theater Collective Expo. Bogotá, Colombia
2013 - Collective exhibition of Latin American artists, Simón Bolívar Cultural Center, Embassy of Venezuela. Bogotá, Colombia.
2012 - Vlll International Biennial of Art. Suba, Bogotá, Colombia.
2011 - Landscape Hall "Without leaving for the Branch", La Acacia Gallery, Havana.
2010 - VII International Art Biennial. Suba, Bogotá, Colombia.
2008 - International exhibition, University of Applied and Environmental Sciences U.D.C.A. Bogotá, Colombia.
2008 - Oriental artists at Collage Habana Gallery, Havana.
2007 - Second Landscape Hall Víctor Manuel Gallery, Old Havana.
2007 - Tribute to J. Martí, Puerta de Famagusta Gallery. Nicosia, Cyprus.
2005 - National Hall of Landscape "Víctor Manuel". Convent of San Francisco de Asís. C. Havana.
2004 - Expo "Cuban Artists for Water". Palacio de las Convenciones, C. Habana.
2000 - "And after the Landscape", National Theater of Cuba. C. Havana.
1999 - National Contest Painting for Peace. Center for the Development of Visual Arts, C. Habana.
1996 - Personal Exhibition Possible Images. Semar Gallery. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


1st Prize of the Provincial Landscape Meeting. Puerto Guayabal. Amancio, Las Tunas. 1991
2nd Prize of the Provincial Landscape Meeting. El Cornito, Las Tunas. 1993
1st Prize of the Provincial Landscape Meeting. Cerro de Caisimu, Las Tunas. 1994
1st Prize National Hall of Landscape El Cucalambé. Las Tunas. 1995, 1996,1998
Prize from the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets. Cucalambeano Room. Las Tunas. 1997
2nd Prize in the PMA in Action, National Hall of the United Nations FAO. Havana City. 1998
Prize of the Territorial Landscape Event "Valentín Sanz Carta". Sibanicú, Camagüey. 2002
1st Prize Territorial Experimental Exhibition of Plastic Arts "Espince". Moa, Holguín. 2002
1st Prize “Espince” National Experimental Plastic Arts Salon. Moa, Holguín. 2003 and 2004
Honorable Mention in the Provincial Hall of the UNEAC. Las Tunas 2003
Grand Prize "1st Hall of Graduates of the Provincial Academy of Plastic Arts." Arts Center. Las Tunas. 2003
2nd PMA in Action Prize, from the United Nations FAO, Center for the Development of Visual Arts, C. Habana. 2004
1st Prize of the National Experimental Exhibition of Plastic Arts "Espince". Moa, Holguín. 2004
1st Prize in the National Landscape Contest Cucalambé, Las Tunas 2006
Honorable mention, in the Tocancipá Figurative Art Contest. Colombia 2014
Fourth place, in the international contest of the Covid-19, Montjuic Cultural Center. Barcelona, ​​Spain. 2020

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