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Pedro Hernández

Individual Artworks

Pedro Hernández

"As beautiful as the fortuitous meeting, on a dissection table, of a sewing machine and an umbrella." - Count of Lautréamont.- Late 19th century French poet, forerunner of surrealism.

Creative PROCESS

My paintings are oil on canvas. This canvas is stretched on a wooden frame and primed with white zinc pigment paste.

First, I compose the elements that will make up the image.
I then "anchor" my image painting from the back to the front.
Oil paint is a very ductile medium with a myriad of expressive possibilities. My choice of support depends on the theme of my image. For the complete development of a work, in addition to the canvas, I add other elements: cardboard, wood, fiber, etc.

Pedro Hernández

I entered the art world at the age of eight as a musician. As a classical guitar musician, I studied at the Liceo Music Conservatory, and at the age of 18, I entered the Saint George Fine Arts School in Barcelona (Spain).

I have an academic background of individual and collective exhibitions, and I draw storyboards and set design for various film production companies.

Finally, I re-entered the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona; this time, to study art conservation and restoration. I currently live and paint in Colombia.

About my artwork

The visionary concept of surrealism is a fundamental part of my creative process. As French novelist Patrick Modiano affirms, “even the things that seem most banal to us contain a mystery that, if one looks at them closely, ends up being revealed.” Everything contains a mystery.

I begin all my art with this philosophy of mystery. I let this profound mystery carry the meaning of my art and my life. From this perspective, my work consists in outlining and preserving the unknown. Without mystery, there is no work of art. Therefore, the authentic theme of art appears as it unfolds, an image is sought, although its meaning is not clear.

This primary image is so exhaustively worked on that it adopts another intention and a new meaning. This new image is an absurdity or something of vague content, not easily explained, despite its figurative representation accessible to any viewer.


Inspiration comes while working, only work inspires me.


BA in Music Studies at the Grand Opera Theatre of the Lyceum in Barcelona, Spain.

BA in Painting at the Fine Arts School Saint George in Barcelona, Spain.

Artistic trajectory

I started my career as a scenographic painter; I painted backdrops for film sets, but digital film technology advanced, and physical sets became unnecessary in many cases. Today, I have my own painting studio, and I participate in many art events and exhibits.

Exhibitions & awards

- Collective Exhibit, 21/04/2019. Pinacoteca, Caldas University.
- Collective Exhibit, 14/03/2019. Cultural Center Rogelio Carmona. Manizales. Colombia.
- Selected for the IV International Salon “Only Painting“ at the Caldas Art Museum in Colombia.

- Collective Exhibit, 25/10/2018-10/11/2018, Laraña Room, Sevilla, España.
- Finalist in the XIV Painting Edition of Paul Ricard, Faculty of Fine Arts in Sevilla, Spain.

- Selected for International Prize in Painting and Foundry, Sevilla, España.
- International ART exhibition. ART-MAP. Braga (Portugal). “Thinking Baroque“, July 21-September 9, 2017.
- Pedro Hernández interview. Art Reveal Magazine, January 2017, pages 40-60. ISBN 98781366435316.

- Creation of FATAGAGA, (Fabrication de Tableaux Garanties Gazométriques), workshop for serial objects and sculptures.

- Director of projects in Anicom S.A.S. Medellín. Colombia.

- Individual Exhibit. Galería Piso 11. Charlee Hotel. Medellín. Colombia

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