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P. Mudafort

Silicon Valley
Devotions and Icons


By: P. Mudafort



Venus in Furs
Individual Artworks


By:P. Mudafort



P. Mudafort

“Color is my obsession, joy, and torment for the whole day. Colors haunt me as a constant concern. They even worry me while I sleep."
Claude Monet

Creative PROCESS

Few contemporary artists contemplate formal pictorial themes in their work; P. Mudafort commences this artistic exploration with sedulity. Materiality and its application are of highest pertinency in her paintings. P. Mudafot recognizes that her work, such as The Immaculate (2020) and Landscape I (2020), oscillates around a premise of substance, which she names ‘the antecedent and essence of her painting’.

Working with a rich oil texture and a wide variety of colors.
Working in Nasferatus, thick brushstrokes loaded with oil.
Finishing the painting Picking apples, part of the Devotions and icons series

P. Mudafort

P. Mudafort is a contemporary painter currently working in Miami and Mexico City. P. Mudafort is a recent graduate from the National School of Painting (La Esmeralda). Her artistic production can be considered a meditation on matter, where the concrete application of substance highlights the sensuality of material.

About my artwork

P. Mudafort’s paintings can be considered a meditation on matter, where the concrete application of substance, which she names ‘gestural accumulation’, highlights the sensuality of matter. P. Mudafort’s paintings vacillate between form and content; she never entirely excludes the contour or the horizon from her paintings.

“I often begin with popular themes or aesthetics from the history of art, such as the landscape, and then I further abstract the material itself from the landscape so that the first thing you see is the voluminous substance.”

P. Mudafort´s work oscillates around a premise of substance she calls ‘the antecedent and essence of her painting’. P. Mudafort’s paintings are mixed media oil paint combined with minerals, petroleum, concrete, etc.


"The materiality of oil paint and all its qualities fascinates me. Since the creation of oil paint dating back to the early Baroque era, its usage has progressively tended towards a more empasted application that has culminated in today's contemporary oil-based materialist paintings. I am proud to be part of this historic oil paint movement."


BA in Visual Arts at the Esmeralda School of Fine Arts, CDMX ( 2019)
Painting workshops at the Casa del Lago, CDMX (2016)
BA in Philosophy at the Universidad de Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA (2008)

Artistic trajectory

P. Mudafort is an emerging artist working between the United States and Mexico. She graduated from The Esmeralda Fine Arts School in Mexico City and has exhibited in academic and government institutions. She is currently working on the two series Devotions and Icons and Poltergeist that concentrate on the materiality of painting.

Exhibitions & awards

I have exhibited in the United States and Mexico. I am ambitious and eager to continue my insatiable artistic inclination to explore and discover a new pictorial language. In January 2020, I exhibited at Perdomo Gallery based in Miami, Florida, USA, a follow-up to my Atmosphere exhibition held in September 2019 at the Mexican National Lottery, CDMX., where I was awarded a Certificate of Recognition. I also participated with two paintings in the 2019 Transmutation Magazine exhibition that took place in Colonia Roma, CDMX. While I was still a student at the Esmeralda School of Fine Arts, I participated in the 2018 Durango Project at the Contemporary Art Museum, as well as in the 2017 artistic exchange program between the University of Toluca and the Esmeralda School of Fine Arts.

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