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Mauricio Neira

Individual Artworks

Mauricio Neira

To Dance is to feel, to feel is to suffer, to suffer is to love; you love, suffer and feel. You Dance! - Isadora Duncan

Creative PROCESS

The photograph of the lightbox. Inside the lightbox, a dancer expresses herself with silhouettes.
The character dramatizes a dance inside the lightbox by creating silhouettes with his body.
The dancer's movements create multiple silhouettes. He dances in rhythm and sequence.

My equipment is my camera and computer -which I use to edit or ‘paint’ with light-. If the art project requires a special site, I use a theater location with scenography and lighting.

Mauricio Neira

I was born in Bogotá - Colombia.
I enjoy telling stories with images, and I admire photographers, such as Sebastiao Salgado and Jeanloup Sieff, who specialize in black and white photography. I develop projects to educate children in the art of visual culture and photographic expression. I create narrative photos full of emotions.

About my artwork

Contemporary dance uses special lighting techniques that allow me, as a photographer, to take photographs with a large amount of exposure and a lot of movement. With a long shutter speed, I can create narrative images that the viewer can feel and perceive as if they were present at the scene.


I am inspired by movement. In dance, all the possibilities of movement and strength of a character can be easily captured. When I take a portrait, I immortalize the potential strength and character of my subject.


1993 Masters in Fine Arts, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University - Bogotá, Colombia
1994 Specialization in artistic photography, National University of Colombia

Artistic trajectory

During my childhood, my father had cameras at home. We had a dark room where we developed our negatives in black and white. It was magic to see my images revealed and printed. When I finished my high school studies, I was already a photographer. My first 6x6 Reflex prompted me to continue my studies, and I created and composed new ways of seeing art and photography.

Exhibitions & awards


1989 Exhibition room: New Plastic Expressions
1993 -1994 National Hall of Artists
2005 Photography Biennial in Colombia


1995-1996 Photography professor at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano - Fine Arts Department
1998-2001 Photography Professor at the National University of Colombia. Fine Arts & Design Department

Photographer for the magazine for the health and wellness area at Colsanitas

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