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Maksym Skvortsov

Meteors of The Universum
Rhythm of 2022
The New Maze
After Quarantine

Maksym Skvortsov

“A lot of people do not understand his painting; sometimes one can even hear the “cliché” phrase – “I can do that as well!” But, in fact, everybody who says so cannot and will not do it because they have already driven themselves into certain frames and have established all sorts of restrictions for their own perception of the world.” @Oleksandr Nikitchuk

Creative PROCESS

Making my hands dirty
Drawing crosses
Putting dots

Acrylic, markers, and paper are my best friends. I can't say anything bad about them - just love them.

Maksym Skvortsov — artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, and even gave a personal interview to journalists from Polish and Czech Vogue! Co-founder of the fashion brand «Havryliv.»
He created two paintings 10 meters long - one in the center of Lviv on Rynok Square, the second in the center of Uzhhorod. His paintings are in private collections in many countries around the world.

About my artwork

The idea is to see everything as one whole. I express myself in color, style, and material. I am always searching for a singular, indivisible thing. I'm trying to create my own style, and develop and improve my self-expression.


Life is my inspiration: people, movies, books, friends, family, money, society, relationships.


Lviv National Academy of Arts, bachelor degree of monumental painting.

Artistic trajectory

About my art project:
By the way, the works of M. Skvortsov make other talented young men and women think about their own projects. In particular, the young artist from Mukachevo, Kateryna Shelevytska, who was also a participant in the "Silver Easel," admitted that public work is an extremely necessary thing for an artist. "When you work in a workshop, at a computer, no one sees the whole process," she said. - And he is actually quite interesting. It should be shown to people - then, perhaps, they will become closer to modern art." @Ukraine Art News

Exhibitions & awards


Personal open-air art show "10 meters" 2017, Lviv-Uzhhorod
Solo exhibition "10 meters of your opportunity" 2017, Lviv
Fashion Show "Havryliv" SS19
Fashion Show "Havryliv" SS20

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