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Kateryna Bortsova

Individual Artworks


By:Kateryna Bortsova

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By:Kateryna Bortsova

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By:Kateryna Bortsova

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By:Kateryna Bortsova

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By:Kateryna Bortsova

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By:Kateryna Bortsova

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Kateryna Bortsova

I think art is the confrontation between life and aesthetics. Only a creator can make an art object. Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant said that ‘the artist is a maker with endless fantasy who must create new forms’. Any person may acquire technical skills by practice, but not everyone creates profound work.

Creative PROCESS

I do not divide artworks into genres. I perceive artworks as masterpieces that resonate in the spectator’s soul. Pictures with this profound quality will always be up-to-date.

Working in my studio.
Work in process.

Kateryna Bortsova

Kateryna Bortsova is a Ukrainian painter with an MFA in graphic arts. Her works participate in many international exhibitions (Taiwan, Moscow, Munich, Spain, Italy, USA, etc.). She won the silver medal in the “Realism” category at the “Factory of Visual Art” competition in New York in 2015.

About my artwork

My artistic production is influenced by many genres and historical epochs such as Impressionism, Pre-Raphaelites, and Art Nouveau, but I am also greatly influenced by technology and contemporary life.


My creative process can be classified as a traditional model of production. My creation begins with a mental image. My artistic influences come from film, theater, and literature. The mental image haunts my imagination until I can depict it on canvas.


2008 – Master of Fine Arts
2007 – Bachelor of Graphic Arts

Artistic trajectory

I consider myself “a perpetual student” because I live to learn. I studied at Kharkov School of Art (1993). Currently, I am studying a postgraduate program at the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Fine Arts.

I believe that an artist creates their own image of the world.

Exhibitions & awards

Personal Exhibitions:
2007 – “Graphic art by Kateryna Bortsova”, Kharkov state Art museum, Kharkov, Ukraine
2002 – “People of contemporaneity”, Kharkov state Art museum, Kharkov, Ukraine
2000 – “Graphic arts”, Kharkov state Art College, Kharkov, Ukraine

Residence, art colony, and Plein airs:
2020 – Grand from Casa Tagumerche art residency, Canarias Islands, Spain
2018 – JIWAR art residence, Barcelona, Spain
2017 – GLO’ART Residence, Lanaken, Belgium

2021 – The Red Zenith Equality Zine, First Issue, London, UK
2021 – Creatures Issue 4: consumption, USA
2021 – Winner of the Censorship & Freedom Contest, The Abstract Elephant Magazine LLC, USA
2021 – Superpresent, spring Issue, USA
2021 – The Working Artist, Second Edition, UK
2021 – Cover for APERO fine art catalog, January 2021, USA
2021 – Cover art for CAMAS Winter 2020, Resilience, the University of Montana, USA
2021 – SUTTERVILLE REVIEW, the Sacramento Poetry Center, USA
2021 – Apricity Magazine 5th edition, University of Texas, Austin, USA
2021 – The Ear, Issue 24, USA
2021 – Chitro Magazine Issue 1, Australia
2021 – ART HOLE: 9, UK
2020 – Cover of High Plains Register, Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

Biennale, competitions, group exhibitions:
2021 – ARTIM Flux “Do not run! This is only a mirage you see…”, YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan
2020 – “Corona and Climate Crisis” Gallery in the Project space of Global 3000 Group e.V., Berlin, Germany
2020 – Exhibition of Don Sante Award for Contemporary Art, Bari, Italy
2020 – Posters on Politics 2020 Exhibition, DMJStudio, USA
2019 – “Musas” International art exhibition, Alicante, Spain
2019 – “Is there a life after plastic?”, BIS ART Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
2017 – Art Revolution Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 – ART.WHO.ART #6 festival, Moscow
2016 – PRESIÓN MX 43 MOTIVOS, #Fronteras, Mexico
2016 – Re-Cognition, ART-MAP, arquivo municipal, Ponte de Lima, Portugal
2016 – UAMO festival “Fortress”, Munich, Germany

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