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Individual Artworks


«Banded with reason, the imagination
is the mother of all art and
the source of all its beauty.»

Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes.

Creative PROCESS

Whenever I decide to begin a painting, I always perform a preliminary study on the motifs I want to address and the colors and compositions I employ. I am fascinated by the creative process, and I try to include as many details in my paintings as nature always entails. I aspire to communicate a moral precedent that encourages admiration, love, and respect for the natural world and all living beings in my work. I diligently choose the materials that each painting independently requires to achieve poetic discourse with the spectator.

Each painting requires an autonomous process. I pay very close attention to detail; each brushstroke and texture is deliberate.
I begin by outlining the main lines. Previous sketches always guide me, but sometimes I also use photography as a visual reference. My work is based on personal experience.
A glaze of sepia and ocher tones helps create a base for the future colors I will apply to the painting.


Juan Manuel Velázquez Fernández was born in the Province of Las Tunas, Cuba, in 1987. From an early age, he showed interest in drawing, painting, and wood carving. The rural landscape and seascape of his early childhood continue to influence his work greatly. In 2006, upon completing high school, he joined the Cuban National Group of Miniaturists in Las Tunas. Since then, he has received accolades and awards for his national and international competitions and exhibitions.
His motivation to paint is, above all, a need to express and show respect for nature. The landscape is his unconditional subject, and its representation inspires him to reflect on the essence of existence. His seascape paintings are reflections on life, and each brushstroke is a specific moment and feeling, like a diary written with a brush.

"My name is Juan Manuel Velázquez Fernández, but my artistic name is JuanMa. I come from a family of fishermen, hence my love and passion for the sea. I grew up amongst fishing nets and boats, and between beaches and skies."

About my artwork

My paintings are a composite of realism and surrealism. I represent the life of seamen and peasants with a warm palette.
Growing up in a fishermen’s family, the marine landscape is a recurrent theme in my work.
I use textures to enrich my work and warm, vibrant colors to represent the nature of the tropics.


Nature always inspires me. I love observing how people and nature are affected by time and history.

Artistic trajectory

At the age of 12, JuanMa enrolled at the Manatí House of Culture and apprenticed with Raúl Albariño. He has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Cuba, Spain, Colombia, and Peru. He has exhibited his work at the Provincial Center of Plastic Arts, the José Martí Cultural Society, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (Icap), the Municipal Museum of Guáimaro, among others.
JuanMa is a member of the National Group of Miniature Art. His works are in private collections in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the United States, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, and Spain.

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