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Joseph Matar

Individual Artworks

Joseph Matar

Artistic creations are equivalent to Poetry. Painting, sculpture, music, etc., will save humanity. Art, in all its forms, elevates us into the sphere of the Divine.

Creative PROCESS

My paintings are created on linen or wood board. My favorite mediums are oil paint and watercolor.

Each of my artworks begins with sketches and various pictorial studies. Here I am with my cat preparing a painting.
My art is my faithful witness. My color palette illuminates and energizes me with sentimental passion. In flashes of ingenuity, in moments of creation, I trembled with emotion! Colors always surprise me. My palette germinates my paintings.
Completing an artwork is a long process… creation comes after effort and thinking…

Joseph Matar

Born in Ghadir, Lebanon.
Nationality: French and Lebanese.
Schooled at the Marist Brethren, Jounieh.

About my artwork

I am a creative artist, theorist, and technician, free of all burdens of the system. I seek to express myself in light! My art is a conscious creation; I despise luck and chance. On every canvas, the interplay of line, color, and volume fall into place after an arduous struggle. When I complete a painting, it is a strategic victory, or like some great symphony! My paintings depict a vigorous tree that offers the bounty of its fruit, an immense sun beating down on an open plain, a family around a newborn babe, and the power of a human gathering.

I paint many genres: portrait, still life, landscape, and history.


Color, light, space, time, the cosmos, and all existence are inspirations for my art. I speak of days, for nights no longer exists for me. Light fills my canvas and soul with multicolored dreams.

The Fine Arts are our most elevated creations.


Art Scholarships from governments:

Madrid, 1961-1962-1963
Paris, 1963
Rome, 1973
Paris, 1985

Practice in studios of acknowledged masters:

Omar Onsi’s, 1951-1961
George Corm’s, 1958-1961
Rachid Wehbe’s, 1955-1957
Italian Cultural Centre, Beirut, 1955-1957
Ecole Supérieure des lettres, Beirut, 1955-1957
Beirut Faculty of Medicine (Anatomy), 1958-1959


Diplomas of Higher Studies, Madrid University and San Fernando School of Fine Arts, 1961-1963.
Doctorate 3rd cycle, University of Paris. “ Plastic arts, pictorial technology, and expression.”
Doctorat d’ Etat 1999, Lebanese University.


Lebanese State instructor since 1954.
In charge of refresher courses for Lebanese art instructors in Beirut, Tripoli, and Byblos state high schools, since 1965.
Instructor of Fine Arts at Holy Spirit University, Kaslik, since 1963.
Titular professor of the Lebanese University.
Chairman of the Drawing and Painting Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Lebanese University, 1980-1985 and 1994-1996; member of the Faculty Council.

Artistic trajectory

I was ten years old; it was 1945 when the magic world of color was first revealed to me.

And since this happy beginning, painting and creation have been my life. Art gives my life focus and meaning, and thanks to it, my life is ablaze with light and color.

Exhibitions & awards

More than sixty-five personal exhibitions in Lebanon and around the world.
1961 – Private show, JOUNIEH.
1964 – Carlton Hotel, BEIRUT.
1965 – Sacred Art Show, St. Joseph’s University, BEIRUT.
1966 – Sacred Art Show, Seminary of GHAZIR.
1967 – Town Hall, JOUNIEH.
1968 – Carlton Hotel, BEIRUT.
1970 – St. Joseph’s University, BEIRUT.
1971 – Town of AJALTOUN.
1972 – St. Joseph’s University, BEIRUT.
1973 – Carlton Hotel, BEIRUT.
1974 – Hispanic Cultural Center, BEIRUT.
1976 – August: at the Zahle Club, SAO PAOLO, BRAZIL.
1976 – July: at the Monte Libano, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL.
1976 – September: at the Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL.
1977 – Cultural Center, JOUNIEH.
1978 – Fish Grotto, JOUNIEH.
1979 – Casino du Liban.
1979 – Water-color Show at the A.T.C.L., JOUNIEH.
1980 – May: Higher Council for Culture and Science, KUWAIT.
1980 – May, June: Le Prisme Gallery, JAL EL DIB.
1980 – December: Saint Rafqa, JEL EL DIB.
1981 – April: Hispanic Cultural Center, BEIRUT.
1982 – May: Le Prisme Gallery, JAL EL DIB.
1983 – February: Hispanic Cultural Center, BEIRUT.
1984 – Le Prisme Gallery, JEL EL DIB.
1986 – Hispanic Cultural Center, BEIRUT.
1987 – Le Prisme Gallery, JAL EL DIB.1988.
1988 – Cultural Center, MIZIARA.
1989 – December: President’s Palace, BAABDA.
1990 – Brief activities in various Lebanese towns.
1991 – April: Drawings and studies, Le Prisme Gallery, JAL EL DIB.
1991 – September: Water-colors, KANO, NIGERIA.
1992 – February: Water-colors, IVORY COAST.
1993 – November: Foyer Franco-libanais, PARIS.
1995 – June: Le Prisme Gallery, JAL EL DIB.
1996 – February, Galerie Jade, rue des Trois Maries, LYON, FRANCE.
1996 – June: Matignon Gallery, SIN EL FIL.
1996 – April, May: Town Hall (Mairie), 8ème arrondissement, LYON, FRANCE.
1996 – October: Centre d’échange culturel ELAC, LYON. FRANCE.
1996 – October, November: Cité des artistes, MORESTEL, FRANCE.
1997 – March: Echos Gallery, JOUNIEH, LEBANON.
1997 – November: Galerie Jade, rue des Trois Maries, LYON, FRANCE.
1998 – May: Société Générale Libano-Européenne de Banque, SIN EL FIL.
1999 – January: Table d’hôte des caves de France.
1999 – May: Artisanat, JOUNIEH.
2000 – June: Artisanat libanais, JOUNIEH.
2001 – March: Villa Sursock, BEIRUT.
2001 – December: Town Hall, JOUNIEH.
2002 – October: ABU DHABI., U.A.E..
2002 – November: A.D.G. Gallery, BEIRUT.
2003 – December: Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel, BEIRUT.
2004 – August: Musical evening, BEIT SHEBAB.
2004 – December: Surface libre Gallery, JAL EL DIB.
2005 – September: Al Ryad, SAUDI ARABIA, 27th September – 9th October 2005.
2006 – June – Middle East University, Beirut Lebanon.
2006 – October – Surface libre Gallery, JAL EL DIB.
2007 – December – (Sepia) Lebanese Hospital Jhitawi, Beyrouth.
2008 – August, Art and craft center, Byblos Lebanon.
2009 – August, Art center in Mtein, Lebanon.
2010 – July, Safadi Foundation, Tripoli.
2010 – September, Cultural Center in Bikfaya
2010 – December, United Nations Palace in Geneva, Switzerland
2011 – Surface libre Gallery, JAL EL DIB
2012 – Ghazir Municipality
2013 – October, Unesco Beirut
2015 – Surface libre Gallery, JAL EL DIB
2015 – University of Balamand
2016 – Equipe Exode

Works in private collections, public, religious, and private corporations around the world: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Vatican, United States, Canada, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Abu Dabi, Irak, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Cyprus, Egypt…



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