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Jose Lavin

Individual Artworks

Jose Lavin

Find the shine in everyday things and share it.

Creative PROCESS

Oil is my favorite medium of expression. The control of thickness and malleability makes them better for handling.

I use different artistic disciplines, including ceramics and bronze casting.
In my workshop I make space for all kinds of ideas.
It is important to paint in a comfortable atmosphere.

Jose Lavin

I was born in Monterrey Nuevo León Mexico. The dreams I express with color and shapes, come from the spectacular show of nature, like an erupting volcano or the scent of a flower.

About my artwork

The range of topics in my work is wide. In my drawings and paintings, I include landscapes, places, and characters, all of them expressing a world of fantasy.


Stories of fantasy, legends, and historical events are the inspiration for the characters and places represented in my art.


Visual Arts at the CNA La Esmeralda

Artistic trajectory

I have been drawing since I was 5 years old. I decided to become an artist because I enjoyed drawing and it came naturally to me.
Color is an essential element in my work, and I began using oils at an early age.
I had several exhibits of my art in galleries and museums in and outside the country.

Exhibitions & awards

Exhibition in the Museum of Mexican History, 2014
Master Class with Tim Burton, 2017
Author Nights, 2019

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