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Gagik Vardanyan


Gagik Vardanyan

In maintaining his variety, GaGo is doggedly syncretic in his regard for potential and actual influences. The whole modernist adventure, you could argue, winds up manifested in his work. No wonder he needs to practice several styles at once: he feels several styles at once. -Peter Frank, Art Critique

Creative PROCESS

GaGo's paintings are mostly made of oil on canvas, but he may use acrylics as well. GaGo's techniques are very limitless and innovative, and he shows mastery in all of them. The decision of what kind of technique to use is only related to what he needs to express in a specific moment.

"But, again, what is important here is the broad imagination, raw power, and easy self-assurance GaGo displays in whatever he does. For all the modalities he might manifest at any given time, he manifests nothing halfway, He does not simply try on styles like clothing; he embraces their very heart" Peter Frank, Art Critic
He is a mark-maker, relying throughout on a line that binds things together even as it describes those things. Shapes for GaGo are more than mere contours, but their edges are always forcefully inscribed. Peter Frank. Art Critic
"GaGo’s groups of work do not otherwise overlap. In one group he formulates things almost geometrically, while in another he practices a gentle, almost naive kind of surrealism. Comparing the richly painted portraits with the grid paintings is like comparing Soutine with Agnes Martin" Peter Frank, Art Critic

Gagik Vardanyan

GaGo- Gagik Vardanyan is an Argentinian-Armenian artist and muralist with more than 40 years of experience. He was born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1960.
He attended the State University of Fine Arts from 1975-1978 and graduated from the National Academy of Armenian Arts in 1985. In 1999, GaGo moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he participated in exhibitions with some of the greatest artists of Latin America, and in 2017 he permanently moved to Los Angeles, California.
He has exhibited in various halls all around the world, such as in Russia, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and the United States.

About my artwork

Like Beuys and Richter, Gagik Vardanyan, aka GaGo, works from sensibility to style. Or styles. The range of styles comprising GaGo’s oeuvre results from an expansive, aesthetically motivated heart and mind, and from the various experiences that have stimulated that heart and mind. GaGo is consistent in his preference for painting and drawing media, but that is where his allegiance to a standard “look” ends. He works simultaneously on and in several modalities at once. Peter Frank, Art Critic


The inspiration and motivation for GaGo's work are very much related to the post-modern concept of Rhizome. The rhizome is an anti-ego movement since it confronts the subject with the unavoidable fact that once the passion sublimated in any artistic expression is externalized, it ignores it's "creator" and becomes an entity that generates subjectivity while being affected and valued by different subjectivities. In this instance, the artist has no power or ability to dictate what is going to produce the product; there is no way to control the (active) observer. I say anti-ego because, despite the values ​​and ideals that each individual has, the artistic creation must only respond to the conflicting passions that arise sublimated and become the new sexual act of the artist.


1975-1978. State institute of fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia

1979-1985. University, National Academy of Armenia Arts, Yerevan Armenia

Artistic trajectory

I started approaching art and painting more seriously when I was 14 years old (1974). Since then, I have received formal education and have met with some of the most important artists from Russia and Armenia.
During my early years, I was very intrigued by Eastern art, literature, and philosophy, which inspired me and influenced my art. After that period of my life, I started to study the biggest European artists who open my mind to many different perspectives and techniques. In 1999, I moved to Argentina, and the possibility of meeting great writers, artists, and thinkers made me appreciate the Latin-American culture and art, which, combined with the multicultural nature of Buenos Aires, make me discover a new world and meaning to my work.
This is similar to the process that I am able to experience in California. I personally think that an artist has to be open to new experiences, realities, philosophies, and let all those changes influence and find their way to be expressed through the creative process. This is the only way that painting can always be interesting and surprising, not only to the public but to me as an artist.

Exhibitions & awards


1986. Happening with the society Center, Fine Arts Hall, Yerevan Armenia

1987. Personal exhibition, Pyramid of sky, Museum of Modern Arts, Yerevan Armenia.

1988. Personal exhibition, Museum, of Modern Arts, Yerevan Armenia

1990. Legislation's Hall of St, Petersburg, Russia

1992/93/94. Hall of Ara Arminian Painter's society, Yerevan, Armenia.

1994. Art gallery Ara Manukian. Alepo, Syria.

1995. Central House of Artists (Moscow, Russia)

1997. Cultural Centre (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

1998. Central House of Artists (Moscow, Russia).

1998. Hall of the Government's house of Shlujtem, Germany.

1999. Autumn's hall, National Library, S.A.A.P. Bs, As, Argentina.

1999. Autumn's hall, Centro Cultural Recoleta. S.A.A.P.Bs.As, Argentina

2000. Exhibition of H.O.M Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.

2001. Hall of small format, S.A.A.P. Buenos Aires, Argentina

2002. Autumn's hall. S.A.A.P. Artist's cultural center. Buenos Aires.

2002. Personal exhibition, Barque Arts gakkert, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003. Group exhibition. EDEA Art gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003. Summer's Hall, Forma Art gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003. Personal exhibition. Espacio 10 Arts gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003. Painting Spring's Hall. Loft Espacio Alfa Gallery. Buenos Aires.

2003. Group exhibition. Argentine Penitentiary Museum Antonio Ballve.

2004. Personal exhibition. Espacio 10 Arts gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2004. Personal exhibition at “Bolsa de Comercio”. Buenos Aires, Argenitina.

2005. Personal exhibition. Art Club Rivo, Los Angeles, USA.

2005. Personal exhibition. Crimson Art gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2006. National Cultural Centre of Kuwait (Hall Abdul-Al-Salam, Al-Kuwait)

2007. "36 Work on Paper" Exhibition at Brand Library and Gallery, Glendale California.

2007. Exhibition at "Artsouce Fine Art Gallery" Glendale California.

2008. "37 Work on Paper" Exhibition at Brand Library and Gallery, Glendale California.

2008. Exhibition at "Vernissage Gallery of Fine Arts" Carmel, California.

2010. Art Forum “ARMENI”, Museum Castel-de-Ovo (Naples, Italy).

2011. Personal exhibition. Tekeian Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011. Expo-Artistas. Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012. Personal exhibition. Sara García Uriburu Art Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013. New York Art Expo. New York, USA

2013-2015. Eggo Arte Fair, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016. Personal exhibition. Armenian Cultural Asociation. Buenos Aires, Argentinas.

2016. “Grandes Maestros Argentinos”. Armenian Cultural Asociation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2018. Exhibition about Armenian Genocide. ACE/121. Gallery, Glendale, California

2018. The Many Faces of Armenians. Roslin Art Gallery. Glendale, California

2018. Rizoma. Roslin Art Gallery, Glendale, California.

2019. That layered look II, Tufenkian Art Gallery, Glendale California

2020. International Exhibition Castell Dell'Ovo Naples, Italy


1999. 1st Mention, Landscape of my City Hall S.A.A.P. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2002. 1st Award, Third hall of small format, Braque Art Gallery Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2002. 1sh Award, Espacio 10 Art Gallery, Multidisciplinary hall, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003. 2nd Award, Small Format Hall. EDEA Art gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003. 2nd Award, Autumn's hall. Espacio 10 Art gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2005. 1st Mention, III Summer's hall. Desde la Plastica Art gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2005. 1st Award, Small Format Hall. EDED Art gallery.

2007-2008. 1st Award. Annual Exhibition at the Pasadena Society of Arts, painting" The Magician #2". Pasadena California.

2008. Mr. Vardanyan was included in the Pasadena Society of Arts.


2000-2001. Monumental mural on the Catholic Armenian church “Nuestra Señora de Narek” Buenos Aires, Argentina

2003-2005. Monumental murals on the Catholic Armenian church “San Gregorio, El Iluminador.” Sao Pablo. Brazil

2008. Holly Family Church murals. Glendale, California

2010-2011. Monumental murals at Catholic church “Nuestra Señora de Bzomar” Montevideo, Uruguay

2012. Saint Rose Church murals. Simi Valley, California

2014-2015. Monument dedicated to the martyrs of the Armenian genocide, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014-2015. Monumental mural on “San Jorge” church. Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2015. Ceramic Monumental Panels on “San Gregorio” church. Sao Pablo, Brazil

2016-2017. Monumental murals - San Jorge church, Vicente Lopes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2018-2019. Monumental murals - St. Leon Armenian Cathedral, Burbank, CA

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