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"I would like to paint in such a way that anyone with eyes understands it " (Van Gogh). To which I would add: -paint in such a way that anyone with a heart can feel it.

Creative PROCESS

Observe. Stop for a moment.
Knowledge of the medium, color mixtures, composition, textures ...
The melting processes, transparency, texture and the various materials become important to give more possibilities to the composition.
Adjust tones, shapes, enhance background and figure details.

In my work I use various experimental techniques by means of texturing materials, gesso and mineral earths. I also work in oil using various methods, among which I highlight the fat-over-lean method.
Another technique that I work with to increase the color of my palette is acrylic, which allows me to explore and play with a wide range of strong, vibrant and luminous tones.
By employing mixed media, I find it to be a very versatile option that has allowed me to explore and experiment with different types of art materials.


I am a painter, draftsman and teacher.
Methodical but emotional. In my studio, which is my home, I paint daily. More than a discipline, it is a need to capture all the reality that comes to me and that, by transforming it, produces in me great satisfaction.

About my artwork

My subject matter ranges from figurative to abstract, with oil portraits, semi-abstract nudes and abstraction itself.
I seek with my work to reflect what the human being can feel at some point in their existence, where they can be alone or be part of other beings such as family, partner and home.
I intend to communicate emotional aspects with my work, where the technique always reinforces what I want to say in each painting.


I am interested in mixing the influences of impressionism and expressionism, when it comes to finding a theme and a style, merging them has been a constant challenge in which I continue in proposals loaded with color and texture, where the contrasts of format (miniatures-large format ) are the constant.
With this, my ideas flow easily and spontaneously when I am in front of a blank canvas, without prior sketch, without drawing most of the time.


Master of Fine Arts, specialization in painting, National University of Colombia; 1991
Specialization in university teaching, Universidad San Buenaventura; 2005

Artistic trajectory

I have lived the artistic world from experimentation and teaching. I have fused pictorial techniques at an experimental level with the handling of unconventional materials such as oxides, texturing materials, gessos and currently exploring with fire paint. I remain in continuous learning from teaching, which I continue to practice.

Exhibitions & awards

I have made group and individual exhibitions at university and professional level, among which I highlight:
-Individual exhibition, Casa Girasol Showroom in Coronado, Panama (Color); 2017-2018
-Individual exhibition, Italian Cultural Center in Bogotá Leonardo Da Vinci (Hugs and the city); Oct 2015
-Individual exhibition, Consulate of Colombia in New York (Hugs); November 2014

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