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Gabriel Niquete

From the Yucatan Forest
Collective Disconnection
Insurrection of ideologies

Gabriel Niquete

Organization is very important in sculpture, "the devil never sleeps..."

Gerda gruber

Creative PROCESS

The expressive mediums that I use are mainly ceramic and iron.

My work focuses on ceramics and our interactions with the urban landscape. These interactions rise questions that I attempt to respond in a three-dimensional and volumetric way. I use different techniques and materials such as iron, clay, and paint.
Primitive burning. A fundamental part of my creative process is experimenting with primitive burning, that allows me to give my pieces unique expressions and hues in an unexpected and surprising way.
Ironworks. Another facet in my work and creative process is the use of iron. In the creation of sculptures, it is interesting to combine ceramic with iron to find the volumetric and visual balance between these materials. I also enjoy making iron-only sculptures.

Gabriel Niquete

I was born in Mérida City, Yucatán, México. I started with street art, studied visual arts, and became an sculpturist. I am currently a contributor to the Gruber Jez Foundation, where I developed creatively in a green and lively environment.

About my artwork

I like to focus attention on the environment that surround us, and I admire how it transform itself. From these observations, questions arise that drive me to create sculptural reflections that communicate with the urban landscape in a visual language.


My work highlights everyday situations in the urban landscape, and it gives me the inspiration for the series of sculptures that express my observations.


2012-2016. Yucatan School of Arts.
• Bachelor of Visual Arts.
2009-2012. “Andrés Q. Roo” Preparatory School.
• Specialty in Foreign Language.

2018. Beneficiary of the "Municipal Fund for Visual Arts 2018", with the sculptural project Ku Noul ech. Ceramic trees to celebrate the urban landscape.
2017. Beneficiary of the “Merida Fund 2017 for culture and development” with the Antemius / antenoide sculptural project. Digital development and transformation of the landscape.

Artistic trajectory

From my childhood, action figures were a significant influence due to their volumetric and visual characteristics. Later, I became interested in StreetArt, which prompted me to formalize my artistic training.

Exhibitions & awards

2018 Ku Noul'ech. Ceramic trees to celebrate the urban landscape. Merida Museum of the City. Merida Yucatan.
2018, June. Antemius / antenoid. Digital development and the transformation of the landscape. Yucatan School of Arts.
2016 Disconnected collective. Everyday scenes modeled in clay. Fernando García Ponce MACAY Museum. Merida Yucatan.
2014 Insurrection of ideologies. Visual Arts Center (CAV). Merida Yucatan.

2019 Body / Ruin / Nature. Young art exhibition. Visual Arts Center. Merida Yucatan.
2019 XXXIX National Meeting of Young Art. Víctor Sandoval House of Culture. Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes.
2018 Interdisciplinary exhibition. White Night-Former Railway Station. Merida Yucatan.
2018 Space is us. Passage of the Revolution. Merida Yucatan.
2018 Obiectus. Breviary of students and graduates of the sculpture workshop. Gallery of the Higher School of Arts of Yucatán. Merida Yucatan.
2017 Space color. Result of the sculpture Symposium between ESAY, Kunstakademie de Münster, and Fundacion Gruber Jez A.C. Iron of the ex-railway station. Merida Yucatan.
2017 Visual Chronicle of Loss. Antithesis gallery. Merida Yucatan.
2016, October. Contemporary; artistic projects in Yucatán. Olimpo cultural center. Merida Yucatan.
2016 Memoriae; Reflections around the botanical garden. Regional Botanical Garden "Roger Orellana", CICY. Merida Yucatan.
2015 Laja ́ach; installation. Old canteen "Milos". Merida Yucatan.
2015 Room 16. RELE. Merida Yucatan.
2015 Curriculum. Merida Gallery. Merida Yucatan.
2014 "Balcony". Balcony. Merida Yucatan.
2014 Risk: Audiovisual emergency. Gallery "DEmergencia" Mérida, Yucatán.
2014 Bunker expo streetart. Benito Juarez. Q. Roo
2012 Expograffiti-multigraffit m7. Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo.

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