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Andrys Villarreal

Circus Poetry
Individual Artworks

Andrys Villarreal

”We are more authentic when we try to be what we dream of ourselves” - Andrys Villarreal

Creative PROCESS

All my works are painted on canvas. I like to use water-based paints such as acrylics, pastels, pigments, resins, and latex.

My geometric work starts from a drawing; the lines suggest pictorial elements. In my paintings, the geometry develops in an organic way; I don’t like to limit my compositions to strict measurements or masking tape limits. Instead, I try to create without rules. Indeed, I let the image emerge organically from my imagination.
Composition is very important in my work. Indeed, gestures and lines play an important role. Drawing is the basis of my creative process; all my paintings begin as drawings. Step by step, I organically discover the essential composition of a particular painting.
I allow colors to create their own harmony. In my paintings, I try to create an essential synthesis of structure and color; my shapes and figures are fully visible despite the context of abstract geometry.

Andrys Villarreal

I am a Venezuelan painter currently living in Mexico City. I studied Fine Arts at the National School of Fine Arts in Venezuela. I have participated in countless collective and individual exhibitions, and with more than twenty-five years of experience, I have accumulated numerous awards and Art prizes.

About my artwork

My work is based on an in-depth study of geometry, a mixture of the abstract, expressionism, and figuration. My paintings are a sensitive, imperfect, poetic, and informal geometry, which departs from technical drawing. In my work, I search for divine, spiritual forms based on nature, culture, and the origins of civilization. My work is supported by a sustained experimental practice, inspired by constant reflection and self-criticism.


Working with geometries, organic growth, and materials has inspired my art for over fifteen years.

Artistic trajectory

When I was about twelve years old, I decided that I wanted to be an artist, although my family disagreed. However, I began studying art at Cecilio Acosta Catholic University, where I had great teachers who taught me painting techniques and helped me develop my passion for painting. Shortly after, I decided to study education and became an art teacher.

Over the years, I have studied the masters of geometry and cubism -Georges Braque, Picasso, and Kandinsky, among others. In addition, I like to explore textures and types of materials since I wouldn't say I want to paint with ordinary paint, but rather, I mix resins and pigments to make my paints and give my work more plasticity.

Exhibitions & awards


- "Frida Visits Us" - White gallery Colima la Roma. CDMX, 2022
- Exhibition 8th Festival of Cultures Zócalo of Mexico City, 2022
- Exhibition in Tribute to LEONORA CARRINGTON. UPAEP Museum. Puebla – Mexico, 2022
- Atmos FERA Exhibition. International Culture Fair. Tecamac, State of Mexico, 2022
- Exhibition LIQUID STATE. Casa Rivera – SAQ GALLERY, 2022
- Permanent Exhibition with the ERANDI Gallery – CDMX
- Permanent Exhibition with the MexiGoArt Gallery – CDMX
- Flowers Fair 164. El Carmen San Ángel Museum – CDMX, 2021
- THE BODY I INHABIT. Collective exhibition. House of Arts – MUCARA – Veracruz, 2021
- Tribute to Manzanero. International Virtual Exhibition. Directorate of Education and Culture of Navojoa – SONORA, 2021
- KITES. Bernardini Art Gallery. Mexico City, 2021
- Ethereal Body Exhibition XIV MEETING OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE. House of Arts MUCARA – VERACRUZ, 2021
- Virtual Exhibition CuARTEna – 2020. Arts Workshop La Barcarola CDMX, 2020
- Virtual Exhibition New Horizons. Mexico City, 2020
- Guadalupe Drawing, I International Exhibition "Tribute to Love" CDMX, 2020
- Intimacy Art Collective. "The Air of Nostalgia" - Photo Skull 2020. CDMX
- SOLIDARIDART Art Collective. EFIMERART – 2020
- Virtual Day of the Dead Offering ALQUIMIA - MX, 2020
- Virtual Exhibition XL Anniversary of COMAR - 2020
- Collective Exhibition FOCUS – Querétaro, 2020
- Blanco Colima – Restaurant. Puerta 31 Collective – EXPONEMEX / 2020
- Flower Fair 163 El Carmen San Ángel Museum – CDMX, 2020
- Quartena Virtual Exhibition 2020, La Barcarola Art Workshop – CDMX, 2020
- Macundales. Collective Venezuelan painters residing in Mexico. Sebastian CDMX Foundation.
- Auction 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018. Yacht Club - Maracaibo
- Collective Colombo - Venezuelan. Consulate of Colombia in Maracaibo Zulia State, 2017
- Cabudare Athenaeum Biennial. Lara - Venezuela, 2016
- Reflections Individual exhibition. Lake Maracaibo Club – CREOLE Foundation - 2016
- Aires de Venezuela / Pilgrimages of May - Holguin - Cuba, 2016
- Armando Reverón National Hall of Arts. Juan Astorga Mérida Museum – Venezuela, 2016
- The Reinvention of Painting from the perspective of Yves Saint Laurent. Fashion Design and Artwork. Lía Bermúdez Arts Center – French Alliance of Maracaibo – Venezuela, 2013
- Trojan Heart - Yacht Club. Auction 2012
- Gotopo - Villarreal “A Confrontation”, Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez Art Center. International Fair of Arts and Antiques of Maracaibo – Venezuela, 2012
- Chinita from Maracaibo, Chinita from Venezuela “Art and Devotion”. La Estancia Maracaibo Art Center, 2011 – 2012
- Women's Faces. May pilgrimages. Holguin – Cuba, 2011
- Reflections of the Heart - Club Náutico. Auction 2010
- Drawing ALWAYS "IN BOX" - Sala Alternativa Gabriel Bracho. Central Station of the Maracaibo Tram, 2010
- XIX Héctor Rojas Mesa Biennial Hall. Cabudare Athenaeum, 2009
- XIII Biennial of Visual Arts of Churuguara. Falcon – Venezuela, 2006 - 2007
- ARTE UNIDO 9. Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia Maracaibo – Zulia - Venezuela, 2006
- MUNICIPAL PAINTING SALON. Mayor's Office of the Girardot Municipality. Maracay - Venezuela, 2005
- National Hall of Ecological Art. Yacambu University – Venezuela, 2001
- CREATIVE DRAWING. Children's Choir Hall Television. Maracaibo - Venezuela, 1999


- 3rd Place in Oil Painting. Fair of the Flowers Museum in Carmen. San Angel – CDMX, 2020
- Honorable Mention National Hall of Arts Armando Reverón Museum Juan Astorga Mérida - Venezuela, 2016
- II Place Treasure Seekers. Ateneo de Cabudare – Lara - Venezuela, 2016
- Reward. National Hall of Ecological Art. Yacambu University – Venezuela, 2001
- Roberto Guevara Award. Héctor Rojas Meza Art Hall. Athenaeum of Cabudare – Venezuela.
- National Experimental University Award "Francisco de Miranda" (UNEFM). Ateneo de Casta Joaquina Riera. Churuguara - Falcon, 2006

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