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Alejandro MEZA

Mezcal Ritual
Individual Artworks

Alejandro MEZA

With or without Cronopios, but always around his game world, to that serious occupation that is playing when looking for other doors ... other accesses to the non-everyday, simply to beautify it, abruptly lighting it in another way, taking it out of its boxes ... define it again and better.

Creative PROCESS

Alejandro Meza emotes cultural images by juxtaposing the gesture with the photographic image. His paintings present a dramatic mishmash of random photo annals enveloped and veiled with calligraphic oil paint gestures that break the narrative cliché and explore the plurality and powerful relationship between memory/nostalgia and the image. Meza juxtaposes the photographic image with an interruption or abstraction of the image itself, resulting in a corrupted or open interpretation of images, thus addressing cultural identity concepts. Meza's paintings present the image's abstract nostalgic power as a central key point in the parallel relationship between memory and identity.

Development of the exposure of the atmosphere.
Pigment powder, textures, and sgraffito processes
Silver foil in the process of drawing

Alejandro MEZA

Alejandro Meza is a contemporary painter currently living in Mexico City. He is a recent graduate from the Mexico City National School of Fine Art, "La Esmeralda". In his work, he addresses the notion of syncretism and cleaves through cultural taboos and cliches to reach the image's abstract nostalgic power. His work tumultuously coexists between different styles and symbolic representations that reflect contemporary Mexican identity and iconography.

About my artwork

Alejandro Meza's paintings can be categorized as a true syncretic expression of our contemporary times. They seem a mélange of all history, from prehispanic Mexican cultures to colonial iconography, but with a fair dose of global pop culture. All these elements in their fusion create a cocktail that intoxicates even the most agnostic, and as Meza timorously said about his painting Portrait of a Woman, "nobody gets out alive; nobody escapes nostalgia."


"Understanding hybridization in the image helps me produce simple and original images because I transform the symbol in a personal way. In the details of my work, the linearity of the shape of the characters stands out; since, for me, the understanding of the line is essential for a drawing that expresses emotions and experiences."


Bachelor of Visual Arts at the School of Painting, Sculpture, and Engraving of La Esmeralda, CDMX (June 2019)

Visual arts workshop at the Espacia Gallery, CDMX (2013-2014)

Painting workshop at the Tlatolcalli Educational Center, CDMX. (2012-2014)

Artistic trajectory

Drawing and painting became my passions, and at 16 I entered a gallery (ESPACIA) in Mexico City to work.
Painting became a way of expressing my thoughts and emotions, and gradually it became my whole life. I am currently working on a series of paintings that address the subject of hybridization in Mexican painting. With this theme, I reflect on my identity and that of my artistic work. I inquire about my artistic and social origins, and this reflection helps me understand more about my method of creation.

Exhibitions & awards

Exhibition and sale at Perdomo Gallery, Miami, FL, USA

Diogenes Colors Exhibition at the El Ladrón Gallery, Colonia de los Buenos Aires, CDMX (2017)

Collective exhibition of X to the Z in the Cerrojo space, Colonia Centro, CDMX (2016)

Bienal de Obra Chiquita at the Nixon Gallery, Colonia Roma, CDMX (2016)

Collective exhibition at the Espacia Gallery, Colonia las Aguilas, CDMX (2014)

Certificate in the Chiquita Construction Biennial, Colonia Roma, CDMX (2017)

Curator at the Espacia Gallery, CDMX (2013-2014)

Certificate in Visual Arts by the government of Quintana Roo (2010)

Certificate in Visual Arts of ecology by the government of Quintana Roo (2008)

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