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Apply to sell on PERDOMO GALLERY

When you join Perdomo Gallery, you are opening the doors to the
most innovative way to exhibit, buy and sell works of art.


By selling through Perdomo Gallery, you will have the following advantages:

⦁ Global market with an audience of more than 500,000 art lovers:
Your artworks will be exhibited and seen by art collectors in the emerging online art market.

⦁ As an artist, you manage your own gallery:
You are free to choose and assign the prices of the works you want to exhibit. We also offer you specific support and tools to help you build your gallery.

⦁ No cost to you, the artist:
Displaying your works in Perdomo Gallery does not incur any charges to you. Perdomo Gallery receives a commission of 35% based solely on sales made through our site. These costs are lower than traditional galleries charge.

⦁ Payment guarantee, safe and fast:
After processing the purchase order, the money will be deposited directly into your bank account.

⦁ Assistance for shipping artworks to the buyers:
Perdomo Gallery has links with companies that will assist you with packaging and shipping your artworks.

⦁ Connection with other artists:
We facilitate communication between artists and their participation in artistic events around the world.

Join us now!


Tell us about you – Our customers want to buy from a real artist. Therefore, be sure to describe yourself in a way that motivates and inspires your targeted audience. Make sure to include links to any online presence you have, including your website and social networks.

Tell us about your art – explain your artistic process. Be the most detailed about your inspiration, production style, and what you express through your art.

Provide high-quality images – we want to see your art in the best way, and this means good quality, well-lit images, cropped and correctly oriented.

We only accept original art – we only accept applications from artists who offer original handmade art. Reproductions or copies of original works of art are not allowed.

Limited editions – all editions must be limited to a maximum of 120, and must be signed and numbered by the artist.

All artworks sold on Perdomo Gallery must come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

To learn more about how to sell on Perdomo Gallery and how you can improve your chances of being accepted, visit our Application Process documentation.

Please note that Perdomo Gallery reserves the right to accept applications at its discretion. We regret that we cannot respond to individual inquiries about rejected applications.

Note: Due to the high number of applications received, our response may take up to four weeks to inform you of our decision. Usually, we will send you a response within the first ten business days after receiving the application form.


You must login to send a request to sell. If you do not have an account yet, you must join first, and verify your email in order to access the application form.

During the registration process, we will ask you for your contacting information as well as evidence of your work as an artist.

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